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DDB150-F dynamic laser marking machine

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  • Supply Ability:800 piecesWarranty(Year):1 Year

Product Specifications

  • Brand name:YUEMING

Product Description


DDB150-F is laser marking machine to mark [or] cut material with large w[or]king area. It w[or]ks by 3-d dynamic scanner. DDB150-F is composed of X [[[[[[[and]]]]]]] Y axis. Laser device [[[[[[[and]]]]]]] scanner move in X-axis as while as belt moves in Y-axis. The width of belt is 1800mm. The maximum w[or]king area by one time is 500[[*]]500mm. The total w[or]king area of X-axis is 1700mm. DDB-150F drives by stepper mot[or]. In the front of machine, it installs rewinding device [[[[[[[and]]]]]]] collection drawer. When machine only marks material, we can move collection drawer away. Rewinding device will roll the marked material. When machine cuts material, we put collection drawer under belt to collect w[or]k pieces

1. DDB-150F dynamic laser marking machine with the function of auto feeding, marking [[[[[[[and]]]]]]] materials receiving

2. Adopting w[or]ldly advanced auto focus adjusting three axial dynamic marking vibrating mirr[or], with a marking scope of 500mm[[*]]500mm each time

3. Can process coiled materials [[[[[[[and]]]]]]] sheet materials with a maximum width of 1800mm while the length is not limited.

4. Suitable to all kinds of soft materials engraving [[[[[[[and]]]]]]] drilling

Laser power: 150W

Length of laser wave: 10.6μm

Gross power :<8.5kw

The Max Marking F[or]mat f[or] once: 1800mm×1400mm

Beam quality: M2<1.2mm

Maximum Marking Speed: 0.15mm

Minimum line width: 0.3mm

Supply voltage: 220V±10%/50Hz/4A

Dimension: 2500mm×2200mm×1900mm

Net weight: 1100KG

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